HB Jewellery Custom Designs and Reviews

Looking for something special? Want to create your own design or a unique design for a gift? or, Maybe you want to modify an existing design from the shop, adding your own touch to it.

Below are some samples of what some of our custom designs.
Interested in your own? The process is easy, you can contact Lorena directly to start your design today.

Custom tiger’s eye man necklace ~ Majed T. – Victoria, Australia

Custom Necklace ~ designed with a combination of Moss Agate, Green Jade, Lava Stone, Peridot, Pyrite and Tiger Eye.

Finished with a Tiger Eye and Lava Stone pendant, and a unique bronze …

Custom triple pink and purple wrap bracelet ~ Sadie P. – Devon, UK

Custom triple wrap ~ designed combining Amethyst, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Obsidian, Smoky Quartz and Turquoise. On distressed brown leather cord, finished with a silver button clasp.

Custom man double wrap bracelet ~ Rupert G. – Devon, UK

Custom double wrap bracelet, designed with a combination of Blue Lace Agate, Amazonite, Howlite, Hematite, Blue Jade and Smoky Quartz. Accented with wood-laced gemstones.

On distressed brown genuine leather finished …

Custom man wrap bracelet ~ Majed T. – Berkshire, UK

Custom triple wrap bracelet, designed with a combination of Green Aventurine, Green Jade, Moss Agate, Bronzite, Hematite, Lapis Lazuli and Tiger’s Eye.

On distressed brown genuine leather finished with a unique clasp button.


Custom Double Wrap Bracelet ~ Jen P. – Perth, Australia

Custom double wrap bracelet designed with a powerful combination specific to Sagittarius: Blue Lace Agate, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite and Turquoise.

On distressed brown leather cord, finished with a unique silver button …

Custom triple wrap bracelet ~ Holly G. – Devon, UK

Custom triple wrap bracelet, designed with a combination of Moss Agate, Bronzite, Green Jade, Picture Jasper, Hematite, Moonstone, Pink Peruvian Opal and African Turquoise Gemstones.

On distressed brown genuine leather finished with a …

Custom blue adjustable bracelet ~ Harley – Grays, UK

Custom blue adjustable bracelet designed with Amethyst, Blue Laced Agate, Hematite and Moonstone.
Silver accents, Lotus flower charm and coloured shell chips.

This design features a pull cord closure that easily adjusts to …

Healer Wrap Bracelet

Healer wrap bracelet ~ Simon D. – London, UK

Hi, I am a Reiki Master and love your jewellery. Your customer service is superb and the Healer bracelet is a great addition to my practice. I …

Converge wrap bracelet ~ Aurora – Ontario, Canada

The feel this wrap bracelet is awesome! I originally bought this for my husband, as a gift, he loved it so much, but I did too… so had to …

Angel Wrap Bracelet

Angel wrap bracelet ~ Heather H. – California, USA

Received my Angel bracelet last week and it is beautiful. Everyone has been complimenting it and they all want one. Your website is a little hidden treasure, …

Empower necklace ~ Rebecca H. – Brighton, UK

I have a very demanding career, sometimes I need some extra little help to stay calm and and confident through it all. I wear my Empower necklace and …

Custom Picture Agate Necklace ~ Andrea – Poole, Dorset, UK

An absolutely HUGE thank you for the beautiful pieces you are producing. I LOVE my One Of A Kind PICTURE AGATE Necklace and your work is FANTASTIC!!! <3 Beautifully …

Harmony Wrap Bracelet

Harmony wrap bracelet ~ Alex C. – NYC USA

I received this bracelet as a gift and I absolutely love it! It is beautifully made and I love the intentions of each stone.

Courage Necklace

Courage Necklace ~ Andrea P. ~ Oxford, UK

Thank you HB!
So far I bought more than 8 wonderful pieces of your jewellery! I love every One of them and each one of them guides me through …

Wisdom Forest Owl Adjustable Bracelet

Wisdom Forest Owl bracelet ~ Silvia M. – Seattle WA, USA

This crystal was calling me when I first saw it, I am glad I bought it. It is made so nicely and as soon as I put it …

Buddha bracelets ~ Stephanie B. – California, USA

Hello, I just received my bracelets . I absolutely adore them !!! They’re beautifully crafted , the colors are gorgeous , and I love the meanings and …

Nurture wrap bracelet ~ Mickie F. – Massachusetts, USA

Hello HB Team, I received my Nurture bracelet today and it is lovely!!! I want top purchase all of your bracelets!

Custom wrap bracelet ~ Kimberley A. – Shoreham, UK

I just wanted to email you as my bracelet arrived today and it’s just beautiful, even more gorgeous than the picture on the website and I love it! Somehow I …

Dream wrap bracelet ~ Deborah D. – Devon, UK

The jewellery is amazing.  So powerful! The packaging was beautiful and the energy and warmth was evident from the special touches .

Warmest regards

Custom wrap bracelet ~ Melanie A. – California, USA

I LOVE IT!!!! This bracelet looks even more amazing in person, and it feels DIVINE & HEAVENLY to wear!! … It is both calming, centering, and clarifying, and also energizing, …

Strength Wrap Bracelet

Strength wrap bracelet and necklace ~ Joe Longo – joelongophotography.com

Thank you Harmony Beginnings for this beautiful strength bracelet and necklace… I LOVE IT!!

OM Wrap Bracelet

Om wrap bracelet ~ Michelle C. – Alaska, USA

Gifted the Om wrap for Mother’s Day! I love, love, love it!

Devotion wrap bracelet ~ Angelika S. – Hamburg, Germany

I love my devotion bracelet. It keeps me in a wonderful mood. Thanx a lot! ♥

Om wrap bracelet ~ Faith S. – Bridge to Lemuria, Hawaii, USA

I got my bracelet today and I am beyond thrilled…BEAUTIFUL…so well made and feels so great..♥ Thank you for sharing your light !!! oxoxoxo …

Arka wrap bracelet and necklace ~ Alessandra P. ~ alessandrayoga.com – London, UK

All beautiful! Necklaces and bracelet are superb, wearing Arka all the time and loving them! People have already asked me about it! Love and thanks! Alessandra …

Om wrap bracelet ~ David Ji – davidji.com – California USA

Love my new Harmony Beginnings OM bracelet!! My wrist bling is vibing big time!!!! AHAM brahmasmi baby!

Bliss wrap bracelet ~ Kulbir K. – Birmingham, UK

An absolutely stunning bracelet showcasing these beautiful crystals – I have been admiring mine since I got it!! Thank You Harmony Beginnings for sharing your creative talents with us! Big …

Calm wrap bracelet ~ Claudia R. – California, USA

Beautifully crafted bracelet. Comfortable to wear and such  high quality looking stones and leather with adoring clasp. Truly unlike any other stone bracelets I have ever seen …

Om wrap bracelet ~ Paula M. – Okehampton, UK

I received this gorgeous bracelet for Christmas. I Love it, LOve it, LOVe it, LOVE it. Namaste

Absolution Wrap Bracelet

Absolution wrap bracelet~ Lorraine G. – Wiltshire, UK

Great looking and feels lovely too, delivered very quickly. Beautiful packaging ever!!! Now everyone else wants one.

Mystical wrap bracelet ~ Ben S. – Swindon, UK

These bracelets make for fantastic gifts, I ordered a couple and the recipients loved them.  Fantastic quality and all hand made. Would highly recommend.

Protect Wrap Bracelet

Protect wrap bracelet ~ Sian S. – ses-soundtrax.com – Brighton, UK

This bracelet is beautiful, I have worn it everyday since receiving it. I certainly believe in this bracelet’s spiritual properties, as I do feel a …

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