Sacred Owl Adjustable Bracelet


Our Sacred Owl bracelet has been designed with beautiful Black/Brown/Yellow/Green Fire Agate, Black/White Fire Agate and Black Banded Agate. The Owl bead is high quality antique silver TierraCast.

The answers are within us all ~ allow yourself to reveal the wisdom within, Agate is a powerful stone that can ground you and connect you to the power within, the addition of Fire Agate will quicken the fire in your spirit and its powerful vibration will feed your desire to move forward positively and take action.

This design features a pull cord closure that easily adjusts to your desired fit

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Sacred Owl Adjustable Bracelet

Agates can enhance one’s perceptiveness and stimulate analytical capacity while providing balance between one’s physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual states.

Black Agate is a grounding and protective stone – believed to help discern truth and accept circumstances, making it a powerful emotional healer. It can give a calming peace and inner strength to move on from difficult situations.

Black Agate is often used to attract good fortune, promote good will and overcome fears – while giving a sense of strength and courage. Physically, Black Agate is said to alleviate problems of the bones and joints, mobility issues and pain of the shoulder or neck.

This is a stone for grounding and centering the energies of the Root or Base Chakra. Can be used for self control, grounding, resilience, quiet power and inner peace.

Fire Agate can quicken the fire in your spirit and its powerful vibration sharpens your desire to take action.

This fiery stone has a protective energy which flows through your entire being. Resonating within you firing a spiritual blaze, yet its vibration is quite calming, and brings through feelings of safety and security.


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