Heartfelt Adjustable Bracelet

Heartfelt Adjustable Bracelet


Our Heartfelt adjustable bracelet has been designed with Rhodonite and White Jade (faceted).

A gift for the heart and mind. The calming and nurturing energies in this crystal combination will make you feel balanced and harmonised.

This design features a pull cord closure that easily adjusts to your desired fit

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Heartfelt Adjustable Bracelet

Jade is called the Mayan “Dream Stone”and it is used to promote harmony within and without. Jade is also known to be a gemstone of the heart, benefiting all heart related issues.

White Jade is a symbol of purity, wisdom and serenity. It works directly with the harmony of the body, making it healthy and full of vitality. It is impossible not to look at this stone and immediately feel the good energies that begins to emanate from it.

White Jade is a form of Nephrite Jade, a calcium magnesium silicate mineral. Much prized in the East, often used to attract good luck and friendship. Also serving as a guide to connect with your spirit and the universe. Directing energy in the most constructive way, filtering distractions, emphasising the best possible result, and aiding decision making as it pulls in relevant information.

Rhodonite  has a strong heart based energy and carries a healing vibration for the heart. Believed to balance the emotions, stimulating unconditional love and forgiveness. The powerful vibrations of Rhodonite help the individuals to revive their inner peace as well as their inner love.

If you want to find your purpose and where your true talents are, Rhodonite can aid the wearer to discover his/her true passions. Soul purpose of personification and heart feelings can be stimulated by the strong energies of this crystal. Many consider Rhodonite to promote the service of the spirit.

In tense situations, Rhodonite stones are tending to keep the wearer’s mind clear and calm. This stone is considered to discharge the negative emotions and feelings which are the result of changing circumstances.

Rhodonite is the unaligned fusion of an unknown rare Ruby and Pearl.

Rhodonite is best used for balancing the Heart Chakra, but they are also very powerful in assisting healing all of the upper chakras above the heart.


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