Buddha Sacred Heart Adjustable Bracelet

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Our Buddha Sacred Heart bracelet has been designed with Unakite and Red Jasper, combined with natural wood accent beads. The Buddha bead is high quality antique silver TierraCast.

Your Heart Chakra is the Centre of Peace and Self Love.
Breathe – Open your heart  ~ I Love, I Love with my soul, with a deep sense of boundless Love, completeness, peace and compassion. ~ When the Heart Chakra is balanced, you are at ease with yourself and the world. You are joyful and have great compassion. Your empathy deepens.

Stack it together with the Buddha Sacred Root for the perfect union.

This design features a pull cord closure that easily adjusts to your desired fit

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Buddha Sacred Heart Adjustable Bracelet

Unakite (or Epidote) is a stone of vision.  It derives its name from the Greek epidosis, meaning “growing together”. It is a combination of Red Jasper and Green Epidote solidly bound together. From this we get the meaning that what comes together belongs together.

Unakite can provide strong grounding energy when needed, facilitating self-discovery while gently releasing conditions that inhibit spiritual and psychological growth. Wearing Unakite can help you to maintain a balance between your spiritual and physical lives.

With gentle, but powerful energy, this stone is said to balance emotions with spirituality ~ clearing away emotional energy blockages, promoting physical and emotional healing.  Unakite’s calm energy can encourage self-love. It is also often used to be of benefit to the female reproductive system, moon cycles, fertility and/or during pregnancy.

Red Jasper  is an excellent “worry bead”, gently stimulating and an extremely protective stone. It can rectify unjust situations and ground its owner’s energy. Believed to aid the wearer in calming emotions and stabilising the aura. Often used for dream recollection.

A stone of health, physically, Red Jasper is said to strengthen and detoxify the circulatory system, blood and liver.


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