Repairs and Returns

Should your jewellery break within the first 90 days of receipt/purchase, we will repair it at no charge, for a first time occurrence.
If your purchase has exceeded the 90 days, we may still repair for a small fee.
PLEASE NOTE:  We do not repair items that we not longer carry on our shop.

Because Crystals and Gemstones can absorb energy and are transmitters and amplifiers of energy, a releasing of old energy blockages within the wearer can sometimes cause a breakage and can be considered good luck or a breakthrough in your current situation.

Wear and Tear ~ Please consider the following, when taking care of your Jewellery:

  • Our Necklaces are strung using 100% Silk beading cord, to prevent damage or scratching of the stones, unlike other material. It has very little stretch and beautiful natural drape. It is very strong and soft material. We also use Hemp cord, and nylon cord, this would be specified in each product description page. Improper maintaining of the jewellery can damage the cord which in turn damages the entire jewellery and may cause breakage.
  • Our Wrap Bracelets are designed using 2mm leather cord or vegan alternative cord, each bead is carefully sewn together with silk beading thread. The cord is durable, high quality and strong. The thread will be most damaged by chemically treated water and/or other liquids. We do not recommend: showering, swimming or submerging the jewellery in any liquid, as well as spraying oils or liquids directly on the piece will most likely damage it. The silk thread will fray and your wrap bracelet may come undone. Remove jewellery prior to sleeping, as this may also cause pull on the jewellery.
  • Our Stretch Bracelets are hand strung on sturdy stretchable elastic, these are great for everyday use and durable. As with any stretchable jewellery, natural wear and tear will be experienced. And with time if pulled beyond its capacity it will break.
  • The Adjustable Bracelets we offer are designed using nylon cord and stringing hemp or cotton cords, please take same care with these, and to prevent unnecessary or premature damage, we recommend you do not  submerge the jewellery in any liquid, or spray oils and perfumes directly on it.

Our re-stringing and repairs are done with much care, and in all instances there is material to be replaced with new.
When jewellery is repaired, we will also cleanse and re-charge for at least 12 hours on a Copper Sri Yantra Pyramid.

Please follow these steps to return or repair your jewellery item(s):

1-     Fill in the RETURN/REPAIR FORM to request a Return or Repair Authorization Code

2-     You will receive an email with your Authorization Code and the address to send your package. Please write this number on the outside of the shipping box/envelope, or print the email form with the information and include it inside your packaging

3-     Send your items to us. If returning, please include all original components (all stones/crystals and accent beads and make up elements). If repairing, please send us everything that you have that makes up the jewellery piece, including any broken elements so that we can replace

4-    Ship to us and obtain proof of shipping for your records  (we are not responsible for lost items)

7-     After your package is received we will notify you immediately. If returning we will process your refund. If repair is requested, you will be updated when your jewellery is repaired and ready for shipping.

Your jewellery is shipped to you promptly and like new ~ we hope you enjoy for long time to come


We want you to be delighted with your purchase from Harmony Beginnings and we have a no-fuss returns policy. This means that if for whatever reason you are less than thrilled with your purchase, you may return your order within 14 days from receiving it. All we ask is that you return the jewellery unworn and in the condition in which it was received. You will be issued with a refund by the same method of payment within 30 days of receiving your returned goods.

Items that are returned in an unusable condition (or returned after the permitted 14-day return timescale) will not be accepted and will be returned to the customer.

**You will be responsible for the cost of shipping the Goods to Harmony Beginnings. In the UK, we recommend that you use the Royal Mail’s Recorded Delivery service, as proof of shipping is not proof of receipt.