Caring for your Jewellery

Crystals and Gemstones come from within Mother earth, when they are in the earth, they are exposed to earth energies including magnetic and electric energy fields. These energies come in a variety of ways including the inner workings of our planet, energy grids surrounding our planet, and from energies from the broader Universe, of which our planet Earth is a very active member. All planets, stars and energies of the Universe influence the energy of Crystals and Gemstones.
The power of Crystals and Gemstones can be truly life changing.

How to Cleanse your Crystals and Gemstones

For best results with your jewellery, we recommend that you do not wear it while you shower, or sleep. Likewise – submerging it in any kind of liquids** will put unnecessary strain on your jewellery, making the stringing components weaker and your Crystals duller. When dressing, always put your jewellery last –  essential oils, perfume and hair sprays  are likely to cause build up. Keep your jewellery free of dirt and shiny by following just these simple rules.

**We use high quality stringing beading materials, to protect the stones and prevent scratching. Avoid chlorinated and/or salt water, this will greatly affect the stringing materials that make up the jewellery.

Care of Pearls: In addition to the above guidelines, wipe pearls with soft shammy cloth 1 to 2 times a week.

Recommended Methods

The Earth

Place your jewellery either directly into the earth or you can place it into a cloth covering, preferably a natural fabric such as cotton, wool or silk. Leave it buried for at least 24 hours to ensure that the crystals/gemstones become fully re-energized. If possible, find a spot where the soil is not being mixed with chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides. This cleanses all negative energies and re-energizes the stones. Alternatively, you can place the jewellery around the base of a healthy house plant and leave it there overnight. Soil has very nurturing, healing qualities.

The Sun and Moon

The Sun and Moon energize and give life to all things in creation. Put your jewellery somewhere where it will be exposed to the Sun as much as possible. Even if the day is cloudy, the Sun rays will energize the stones as long as they are directly exposed to these elements of nature. They will normally be cleansed within 24 hours of exposure. Crystals and Gemstones such as Amethyst and Aquamarine will fade in the Sun, you can use the Moon cleansing method below.

Moonlight – For an alternative monthly cleanse, place your jewellery outside during the full moon. The feeling of the stones after a moon cleanse is wonderful. It is quite a different feeling than putting them in the sun. Experiment with both and bring your awareness to the variation!

Programming your Stones

Crystals and Gemstones need to be dedicated to the purpose for which you use them. Dedicate your stone as soon as you have cleansed it. This focuses the energy.

Hold the jewellery in your hands. Picture light surrounding it (if you find this difficult, hold your hands in front of a light source.) Say out loud: “I dedicate these stones to the highest good of all. May they be used in light and love.”

To program your stones, hold the jewellery piece. Let yourself be open to higher guidance. Consider the purpose for which you wish to use it. Be specific. If you want it to attract love, describe exactly what kind of love you are looking for. If you are seeking healing, say precisely for which condition and what you want to happen. When you have formulated your program, attune to the stones. Ensure that this is exactly the right Crystal or Gemstone for the purpose. When you are totally in tune, say out loud: “I program these stones for [your purpose]”

Wearing Crystal and Gemstone jewellery can be one of the easiest and most convenient ways to carry healing and loving energy with us at all times.

All of the Crystals and Gemstones we use in our designs are of natural origin. Each piece is handcrafted and each bead will vary slightly in pattern/colour/size. This has no effect on the properties and energy of these elements.

Due to the rarity of some of the crystals and stones we use, you will find that we may discontinue a specific piece. Occasionally, we may replace a component in a design, updating all information and photos on the Shop.

If you ever find yourself not feeling like wearing your jewellery, it is probably an indication that it needs to be cleansed. If you are wearing it every day, a good general rule of thumb is to clean it every 2-4 weeks.

Crystals and Gemstones can become dulled over time from your natural oils. To return your jewellery to its original brilliance, simply buff stones with a dry, soft cloth.