Nov 09

Amethyst and Rudraksha Necklace and Mala bracelet

The Seeker ~ This beautiful Amethyst and Rudraksha set of necklace and bracelet came together so easily and I am in love with it. Our Rudraksh (Rudraksha) seeds are spiritually activated with mantras and poojas. This is done by learned Purohits, reciting Mantras as written by Vedas, and also Homa/havan for the respective Devi/Devta as per Yantra is performed. During the activation, Holy water from the river Ganga Maa (that flows through Hardwar) is used. This combination feels amazing, take a look at the Seeker here.

Nov 03

Our Flash Sale is ON!

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Oct 31

Love is in the air

Our Love wrap bracelet and Love necklace got a little makeover, and they are looking FAB! As always you can get the wrap bracelet in leather or vegan cord options. Rose Quartz carries a gentle vibration of peace and love. It can gently draw off negative energy and replace it with loving vibes ~ strengthening empathy and sensitivity and aiding the acceptance of necessary change.  If you want to attract Love, look no further than romantic Rose Quartz. White Agate is referred to as “The Stone of New Life” because of its comforting, pure, nurturing and loving energies. It is believed to encourage quiet contemplation and assimilation of life experiences, leading to spiritual growth and inner stability ~ strengthening bonds between beings, promoting love and respect for those around us, while loving and respecting the self.

Oct 31

We are back… :)


Has been a long time since our last post, but we are back 🙂 and with great new designs. Some of the old-time favourites that were sold out are back too! And we are introducing earrings and much more. We hope you love all the new designs.

Jan 02

Happy New Year!

We are starting the year with a BIG sale, our biggest sale yet. All of our wrap bracelets and necklaces are discounted up to 40% off!!

This is the time to get your jewellery, some of our designs will be gone forever.

As this new year will be bringing lot of new projects for us, some of our designs will be retiring forever!

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Dec 13

The Perfect Holiday Gift 2014

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Dec 13

HB Gift Cards for the Holidays

No Gift? No problem ~ Our eCards are a great idea for this Holiday Season ~ They can be redeemed to buy from our online shop or create a custom design. You can send via email or print at home with your own special message ~

Nov 20

Harmony Beginnings Christmas gifts

The Holiday Season is fast approaching and the search is on to find the perfect Christmas gift for your nearest and dearest this year. You can feel the Holiday Spirit in the air, the lights have been turned on, the shops are dressing their windows to the tunes of the Season and everyone is running to the coffee shops to get the warm and cozy Holiday drinks. If you are reading this, you are probably like me, and like to give mindful gifts to your loved ones, something special for them.

Crystals and Gemstones have always been regarded as having special properties, to be used in healing or worn as talismans and amulets. Sought after by  kings, queens, emperors, warriors, healers, shamans and priests, as symbols of  power and protection.

Browse through our Shop and find the perfect gift, or contact us for a custom design.

And, if you still can’t decide… we have HB eGift Cards, to shop for any item online, they can even use it towards a  custom design.

Nov 20

My Top 5 Picks

I do LOVE my Crystals and Stones.

Crystals and Gemstones come from Mother Earth ~ Created from the magma or Earth’s inner core, and their energy field and healing properties are influenced by their form, colour and vibration. Each stone is made up of minute crystals which are in constant motion, emitting a frequency.

There are times I feel like Moonstone, and there are times I feel like… Rose Quartz, but here are my top five picks I cannot do without and why:

Amethyst has to be on this list. It is such a powerful soothing Gemstone. I love all the variations and shades it can be, and its vibration is undeniable. Amethyst is used to activate spiritual awareness, opening up intuition and enhancing psychic abilities. For me, it is a transformational stone, connecting me deeply to what my spirit needs. I love to meditate with this stone. Amethyst is a complete stone, a must have to heal from inside out. I am always drawn to pick up Hematite jewellery pieces, and I wear this stone often. I immediately feel grounded and focused. This protective stone has amazing healing properties. Physically, my “weak” organs are the kidneys ~ Hematite is often used to improve the circulatory system, in particular the way that blood moves throughout the body. Helping guard against kidney disorders as well as those of the blood and the nervous system. It is also my astrological stone – Hematite is the stone for Aquarius and Aries. This great stone is the perfect stone to balance and work with the Root Chakra ~ It focuses energy and emotions for balance between the body, mind and spirit. Wear it, wear it, wear it!! Turquoise is the most efficient healer, providing solace for the spirit and wellbeing for the body. For me, it is a constant reminder, it soothes me enveloping me in a bubble of magical energy. This stone promotes spiritual attunement and enhances communication with the physical and spiritual worlds. Rock Crystal or Clear Quartz is the Master Healer and the “stone of power”! The natural tendency for quartz is for harmony. This is an easy one to incorporate into any design, since it is a fairly neutral look. Its power resides in its ability to both, draw and send energy. Used for transformation in healing and in all levels of change (mentally/emotionally, physically and spiritually). Quartz stimulates the natural crystal in body tissues and fluids to resonate at the highest healing frequency. And finally… AGATE! The colours and properties of Agate are impossible to list here. Indian and Moss Agate are my two favourite. When wearing Agate, I feel empowered and grounded, in touch with my creativity in a very organic sort of way.

I have to mention Moonstone, as I feel it is such an important stone, I personally wear and use it to assist in balancing my feminine energies, specially during those times where I feel a hormonal adjustment is needed. This is a great companion for any woman.

What is your favourite?

May 02

Crystals and the Third Eye

AJNA – The Sixth Chakra, Third Eye or Brow Chakra

The third eye chakra is involved with our intuition and our inner seeing, our higher consciousness, emotional and spiritual love centre.  When the the Third Eye is activated and flowing with the proper amount of subtle energy, it will literally change the way you view this reality.

The colour associated with the third eye chakra is Indigo, Purple and Blue-Violet.  Indigo is the symbol of spiritual attainment, self-mastery and wisdom.

Third Eye Chakra Crystals and Gemstones: Amethyst, Blue Jade, Picture Jasper, Fluorite, Kyanite, Lapis lazuli, Larimar, Moonstone, Tourmaline and Turquoise.

Activating your Third Eye with Crystals – Lay down and place a single Crystal upon your forehead slightly above the eyebrows and right in the middle. This position is right where your Third Eye should be. Breathe, relax, concentrate on the sensations of the Crystal interacting with your body. Feel the pressure of the Crystal sitting there on your forehead, focusing on that area. Once you are totally attuned to the crystal’s presence, visualize the spinning blue ball of light which is your Third Eye, or brow chakra.